Friday, February 21, 2014

The teeny-tiny Kitchen Dilema

What do you do when you live in a tiny flat whose kitchen is two meters squared?

Well, you try your dammed best, that's what. Heck, they had worse to deal with in the 30's ad 40's, right?

Of Course I Can
by Dick Williams

At the moment my kitchen is a comedy alcove with an electric 4 plate hob and oven; a half size fridge with a broken freezer, a sink and draining area and two and a half foot of counter space. There's also a mini cupboard for dry food storage and another for plates and cups. When I stand at the cooker, and my boyfriend stands at the sink we are, literally, back to back. If two of us are in the 'kitchen' we can't open the fridge.

A bezonking fridge (what I would give for even a third of that space) In fact, it looks like that fridge is about the size of my entire kitchen.

I moved from a house share where I had access to a fully equipped kitchen with a gas OH THE JOY hob, a massive fridge freezer and ooodles of cupboard and counter space so the transition was stark.

These days I can't buy vegetables in bulk to save money, likewise anything that requires cold storage. I have no freezer (at present) which puts a stopper in my previous strategy of cooking in bulk and freezing portions for times when I returned home with an hunger only known by vampires and the hounds of hell.

But enough of the moaning. What I do is buy things fresh every few days, but this requires an awful lot of planning and it is Expensive. SO my plan now, instead of moving house- which is currently not a runner ;), is to look into investing in a mini-freezer. You never know, I might even be able to convince the landlord to pay for it...

My hope is that I can then at least freeze leftovers, bulk cook once more and actually buy the cheaper  frozen veggies in the supermarket. JOY!

I've been looking at two models, both just under €100 euros. While it seems a lot I figure in the long run it will save us money.  More importantly it will leave me with no excuses on those ravenous evenings to walk over to the take away and get something unhealthy. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes! Any recommendations or tips if you've been where I am with a tiny kitchen and limited resources and storage are most appreciated and encouraged!

For now, I'll continue to dream of and plan my future vintage styled kitchen...

I don't think I would avoid washing up so much if I had a sink like that...

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